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WebEx Technologies LLC started its activities in Armenia in early 2007 opening anoffice in Yerevan. Our modern and professional approach has already attractedmany clients. We teach HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP/MySQL, PHP(OOP/MVC), AJAX, .Htaccess, Angular JS, REACT...
  • We teach IT from 0 knowledge
  • Groups are composed according to the student's knowledge
  • Students are given practical knowledge
  • Groups have a maximum of 6 people
  • We adapt classroom hours to students
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Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: +374 60 37 10 20 | +374 96 10 10 17

Email: info@webex.am

1/10 of our projects

We present you our projects in the last year. The presented projects constitute 1/10 of our works. All of them are not presented on the website as it will be viewed as a violation of copyright.

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  • HTML is a markup language which defines how and what elements must be placed on the webpage. In this tutorial we will closely study these elements.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) defines the external style of the webpage. It can be used for the websites containing multiple pages which makes our work quite easy.
  • Bootstrap is an HTML/CSS library for creating websites. It has a wide usage almost in all the CMS. It not only makes the work easier but provides responsiveness for the website as well.
  • JavaScript is a programming language which makes the webpage interactive. Manyprograms are created with the help of JavaScript which are incorporated in the HTMLcodes (login, password, registration and so on).
  • REACT is an efficient, flexible JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. It worksvery quickly. The details will be discussed during the video playback.
  • JQuery is a JavaScript library. We can apply easily to the elements of DOM with its help. JQuery library provides comfortable API for working with AJAX.
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a programming language which is intended for working with the servers. In the sector of programming PHP is one of the widely used languages.
  • It is a database server. It has its own syntax. In general, MySQL is not used separately. It is used in the programming not only to create database but to access it.
  • CMS WordPress is a platform with the help of which we can create many websites fast and easily. In the case of having PHP knowledge, you can radically change the look and structure of the website.
  • This is an anonymous configuration file for the Apache web server with .htaccess extension. Through this file, we manage the server's work in separate folders.
  • AngularJS is a JavaScript Framework. It is intended for creating web programs. AngularJS is not a library. It has a number of tools which make the programmers' work easier.
  • OOP (Object Oriented Progr). The main concepts include objects and classes. MVC(Model-View-Contr) is a structural model, which describes the method of creating our program.
  • Node.js is an open-source programming platform. It is intended for making JavaScript codes work in the server-side. Learn Node.js in WebEx

Our Services

  • Flexbox/Grids
  • SASS,LESS, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/ ECMAScript
  • ReactJS
  • React Native for IOS and Android
  • 3D MAX


Contact us

Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: +374 60 37 10 20 | +374 96 10 10 17

Email: info@webex.am